About Us
About Venus Kasei

Aiming to be your best partner

As the values ​​and needs of people in modern society are rapidly diversifying and changing, we must always continue to meet the demands of that era. For that purpose, it is necessary to have the ability to accurately grasp the movement, flexible response, and provide products with an eye on the end-user quickly.

At Venus Kasei, our main business is commercializing cosmetics and quasi-drugs on an OEM contract basis. We have been supplying quality-controlled products for many years, and we have earned the trust of our customers.

We are practicing to accurately and speedily propose new concepts, ingredients, and containers under the theme of "capturing the needs of the times" by detecting the latest market trends.

Create new value by fusing dreams and feelings

We put the customer's "dream" first and practice the fusion with our "feeling". In addition, we strictly adhere to the confidentiality of all contents related to our business partners and products, so please feel free to contact us.