Venus Kasei OEM

Half a century since prescription development. A track record of accumulating trust.

Venus Kasei specializes in contract manufacturing of cosmetics with half a century of know-how and a proven track record in prescription development. Taking advantage of many years of prescription development experience, we have instantly shaped the customer's image, thought together from there, and created new products while growing together.
We are contributing as a manufacturer involved in product development according to the various sales channels of a wide range of customers.

A style that snuggles up.

We believe that good products can only be made by knowing our customers' dreams. We value communication between people and enrich our hearts. We will be close to our customers with such a business style.

Spirit of challenge.

We will challenge even complex prescriptions that we have given up in the past. Even if it is technically impossible, we will propose advice and breakthrough measures.
You may discover a completely new product through repeated meetings and trial production.

OEM flow

Meeting / Proposal

First of all, don't hesitate to get in touch with us from the inquiry form.
We will propose product images and ideas such as "I wish I had it" and "I wish I could do it" as a more concrete form. Please tell us your dreams.


Please check if the texture, scent, etc. are in line with the image.
You can try it until you are satisfied.


After proposing a business container, package, and design, we will submit a quotation once all specifications are finalized.

Stability test

Assuming various conditions, check if there are any problems during actual storage and use. Also check the compatibility between the contents and the container.

Ordering / contract

After placing an order, we will proceed with arrangements for procurement of various materials.

Pharmaceutical affairs application

We will prepare the materials necessary for selling cosmetics and submit them to the government office.


Under a strict quality control system, a wide range of products can be produced by skilled technicians.


After-sales follow-up

Meeting If you have any concerns about compatibility with other products or new usage, please feel free to contact us. Developers who are familiar with the product characteristics will follow you directly and carefully.